The Radge Rally


The Radge Rally team are constantly inundated with emails asking about the rally, so below are a few facts we hope will cover any unresolved questions you may have:


The Route is outlined as a guide to where we will be going, however the exact destinations within each country will only be given at the start of each day. The 2011 route is starting in London, then onto France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Monaco, Luxembourg and finishes back in London.

What is The Radge Rally?

The Radge Rally is a 7 day European tour with 120 cars, covering 3600 miles. Along the route there will be luxury hotels, 5*parties, excursions and a treasure hunt giving you the chance to win £100,000. The rally is open to any make/ model of car, this year we have a wide variety entered from old classics and pimped out 4x4’s to lavish supercars. The rally will take place in September 19th-25th 2011.

Entry fee

The entry fee is £20,000 this covers the car, you and one co-driver. Included in the entry fee is your return channel crossing, luxury hotels, all breakfast and evening meals (including a set amount of drinks) parties, track days, welcome pack, entertainment and excursions.


At The Radge Rally we are often asked are you a charity? NO we most certainly are not, however James the founder of the rally is very charity orientated and has a strong belief in helping others. The rally will be helping out the following charities during 2011:

·         Macmillan Cancer Research

·         Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospice

·         Tuesdays Children

·         World Horse Welfare

·         Marie Curie Cancer Care

·         Children’s Hospice Association Scotland

·         American Association For Cancer Research

      ·         Oxfam

      ·         Christian Aid

      ·         Prostate Cancer

·         911 Police Aid Foundation
·         Feel Good Foundation

We will also be donating to charities within each country that the rally travels through, these charities are yet to be announced.

Carbon Footprint

The Radge Rally team believe in taking responsibility for your actions and as you can imagine driving 120 cars, 3600 miles cannot possibly be good for the environment so we have teamed up with a carbon trust and will be planting 5000 trees to help off set the carbon foot print of the rally.

Rally or Race

We would like to take this opportunity to point out The Radge Rally is NOT a race and we do not support or encourage any type of reckless behaviour behind the wheel. During the event we have included a few track days so the drivers who want to let rip on the track can do so in a safe environment. All our drivers will be provided with information on the law and speed restrictions within each country so they will have no excuse for speeding.

Vehicle tracking

Each vehicle participating in The Radge Rally will be equipped with a tracking device. The devices will be installed as a safety measure so that if any driver has problems along the route we can get a member of the team to their location as quickly as possible, the tracking device will also host a live web link if the drivers wish their car to participate then their tracking device will send live updates to The Radge Rally website of where each car is along the route. These devices will also be able to determine your average speed!


The Rally is not about speed so coming 1st might be a boost for your ego but it by no means entitles you to a 1st place prize. After all this is not a race, the driver receiving 1st place will be whoever averages out at a certain speed throughout the whole event. Other prizes will also be awarded for the most eccentric, best car and of course the £100,000 prize for the treasure hunt. All participants in the rally will receive a keepsake trophy for taking part.

Treasure hunt

Along the route there will be certain “items” hidden, each driver will receive a clue on their route card as to where these items might be. Each day there will be challenges set to find the items ate the end of the week the team which have found the most will win the £100,000 prize, the team can either keep their winnings and be presented along with their trophy and a cheque or they can donate the winnings to a charity of their choice.


You will need to budget for fuel costs, any fines incurred along the route, personal spending money and make sure you are insured.


You and your co driver will need to provide proof of insurance, driving licence,  passports, all contracts provided by The Radge Rally must be signed and dated and checked before the start of the rally.


Please ensure you take along some local currency for each of the countries as if you incur a fine you may be able to pay on the road side as long as you have local currency. We will provide all participants with a guide as to which currency’s they may need.


If you have any more Questions please feel free to contact us at: team@theradgerally.com